Roberto Curreli better known as Roby C from Cagliari – Sardinia (ITALY). 
He is an ecletic artist and in his carrer made "Electronic Music" from Urban Sounds like nu breaks and electro sounds as "Roby C." artist name. 
From 2010 he put a little down the BPM's and also producing housey tracks with " ROCUT "artist name to make different music and stimulate its creations as tech housey stuffs 
with huge cut's from jazz, disco, funk and urban music.

Just started in 2010 ROCUT enter on the house scene and In few months it has received many positive feedbacks and support by artists from world scene like: 
Thomas Schumacher, 
Xpress2,Camel,Laurent Garnier, 
Dj Hell,Plump Djs, Scumfrog,Mos at gallery and many more! 
Recently remix "Come Correct" made by one of favorite "guru" artist "Si Begg" out on Mutate Records.

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